Roger Ebert
Warm, sweet and funny.
Roger Ebert,

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NBC Miami
“One of the best films I’ve seen in a long time”.
Maria Salas, NBC-Miami


“The Best movie of the Year. Everyone should see this film.”
Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life


“A Perfect Film, An Artisitc Masterpiece”
Tony Bennet, Grammy & Emmy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter


LA Times
“A sweet, life-affirming picture”
Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times


NY Times
“A bear-hugging embrace of sweetness and light”
Stephen Holden, The New York Times

New York Post
“Cynics need not apply, but I found “Bella” a real heart tugger.”
Lou Lumenick, New York Post


An unforgettable experience! A celebration of family, food, music and life-affirming values
Michael Medved

Versategui is a natural on the big screen, a compelling presence.
Ruthe Stein, SF Chronicle


Powerful and moving… a true inspiration.
CNN, Ana Maria Montero


International Film Journal
“The warmest family drama I’ve seen in years”
Frank Lovece- Film Journal


Fox News
I am very pleased that the Toronto Film Festival chose “Bella” to win their top audience award over the weekend…. It’s incredibly charming, with terrific performances by Tammy Blanchard and Mexican star Eduardo Verastegui and Manny Perez. It’s directed by Alejandro Gomez Monteverde. It’s too easy to say this is the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” of this season, because “Bella” is far more complex and sophisticated while losing none of the humor. Whoever decides to release “Bella” will have a nice little hit on their hands. The freshness and lack of affectation in “Bella” must have appealed to audiences who had to endure a number of big-name films that seemed contrived, stale or calculated. You can get read the article by going to this link:,2933,214255,00.html


TORONTO — A trio of Mexicans triumphed at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday when their U.S. independent drama “Bella” captured the People’s Choice Award, voted on by festival audiences…. “These Mexican guys go to America and beat the American independents at their game — it’s impressive,”
Toronto festival co-director Noah Cowan said after an awards luncheon.

Winning in Toronto can be the first step on the road to Oscar and Golden Globes success. “Bella” could wind up following in the footsteps of such past Toronto winners as: “American Beauty,” which won five Oscars in 2000, including best picture and director, and three Globes, including best picture and director; “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” which won four Oscars in 2001, including best foreign language film, was a best picture Oscar nominee and won two Globes, including best director for Ang Lee. Read the article at this link: =1003221195


“This movie depicts the culture but also transcends it,” said Pilar O’Leary, exec director of the Smithsonian Institute’s Latino Center. “It has universal appeal.”Which is why the Latino Center is presenting Verastegui and helmer Alejandro Monteverde with its award for emerging talent. Pic doesn’t see release until August, but because of the increasing buzz, the Mexican Embassy wanted to sponsor a private screening as part of its Cinco de Mayo bash. -William Triplett, To read entire article visit this link:


AFI (American Film Institute) Movie Review – Dallas
Life is really, really hard; thank god it’s so beautiful – it’s one of those rare films that catches you by the emotional short hairs and refuses to let go. By the time the final reel plays, you’re going to be weeping tears of commingled sadness and joy – unless you happen to have blocked tear ducts. (And, if you do, you might consider a viewing of this movie as a possible cure.) Bella is
really not so much a love story (in the sense of two people falling head over heels) as it is a story about love and how it can heal psychic wounds and enrich our lives. -John P. Meyer, AFI Dallas. To read article visit this link:
“Bella” marks the debut feature of Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, a truly humble man in awe of the fact that he’s actually made it here. It’s better to know as little as possible about this film before going into it but let me tell you that it feels both sincere and loving. It’s great to see a film that legitimately moves the viewer without being drowned in sap. And it does this in just 90 minutes. If it comes your way, see it. You won’t regret it. You can read the article by going to this link:


“Bella is a irrefutably effortless and heartwarming film, an indie gem with a deep soul and a beautiful message.”
Colorado Springs Gazette-Brandon Fibbs


Austin Chronicle
“A beautiful film (with) pitch-perfect performances. A film that embraces and celebrates the possibility for change and growth, both personal and spiritual.”
The Austin Chronicle


“Not only will ‘Bella’ give you hope that Hollywood can still make an inspirational movie, it might also renew your faith in humanity.”
Governor Rick Perry, Texas

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