Oprah’s chef and best selling author Art Smith cooked dinner for the entire Bella team after the Smithsonian Event in Miami at the home of Sean and Ana Wolfington (Financiers and Producers).

Sean Wolfington (Financier and Producer) and Ana Wolfington (Producer) with Tony Bennett (Music Legend)

Eduardo Verastegui (actor), Tony Bennett (15 Grammys), Alejandro Sanz, (17 Grammys, most of any Spanish musician) and Sean Wolfington (Financier and Producer) gathered at Bella’s NY party to celebrate Bella becoming the #1 Rated Film of 2007 by RottenTomatoes, the biggest film review site in the world. Bella was also #1 rated movie by Yahoo, Fandango and the New York Times Readers’ Poll while in theaters. Alejandro Sanz made a song for the film and Tony Bennett presented the “Tony Bennett Media Excellence Award” to the filmmakers.

Sean Wolfington (Financier and Producer) and Ana Wolfington (Producer) with Robin Williams (Award-Winning Actor)

Dennis Hopper (Academy Award-nominated Actor), Eduardo Verastegui (Actor and Producer) and Sean Wolfington (Financier and Producer) at Cannes

Bella team at the premiere in Madrid, Spain. From left: Ana Wolfington (Executive Producer), Sean Wolfington (Financier & Producer), Eduardo Verastegui (Actor & Producer), Colate Vallejo-Najera. Bella was the #1 Rated Film in the US in 2007 and was the top grossing Hispanic themed film of the year.

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