This audio extract is from Kathy Lee Gifford’s new book “Just When I Thought I’d Dropped My Last Egg” when she describes her first meeting with Eduardo Verastegui and Sean Wolfington.

Eduardo Verastegui (Actor and Producer) and Sean Wolfington (Financier and Producer) attended the Cannes Festival to promote Bella’s international release.

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Today Tony Bennett was breaking bread with his new pal Eduardo Verastegui — they met last year at a benefit in Las Vegas and have been fast friends ever since.

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The Smithsonian Institute presented Bella’s filmmakers Eduardo Verastegui, (Actor and Producer) and Alejandro Monteverde (Writer and Director) with the prestigious “Legacy Award” for their film Bella at its annual gala.

Production of Bella:

Official Bella Trailer:

Bella 30 sec spot – # 1 on YAHOO & FANDANGO:

Bella 30 sec spot – SOCCER:

Bella 30 sec spot – REALITY:

Bella 30 sec spot – PREGNANT:

Bella 30 sec spot – TODAY:

Smithsonian Video:

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LA Times

Latino groups, church leaders, businessmen and an army of folks from various walks of life took up the cause of “Bella” and its pro-adoption theme.

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Kathy Lee Gifford (Television Host, Singer, Actress and Playwright) discusses the movie Bella on Entertainment Tonight.

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Bella wins the prestigious Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival.

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Tony Bennett, a ten time 10 Grammy winner, stood up in the audience at the New York Premier of Bella and praises the movie.

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Eduardo Verástegui, star and co-producer of the award-winning film “Bella”, delivered the keynote address at the Adoption Roundtable at the White House on National Adoption Day.

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“A little movie that could”, Bella wins awards, shatters records and exceeds many people’s expectations.

Eduardo Verastegui, lead actor and producer of Bella, was interviewed again by Ryan Seacrest on his radio show on Kiss FM in Los Angeles Tuesday morning, December 4th.

Ryan Seacrest is also the host of the popular TV show American Idol, which is seen by millions every year.Ryan has been a strong supporter of Eduardo and Bella from its initial release.

Eduardo Verastegui explains Bella with Neil Cavuto of Fox News.

Bella is a movie with feeling, receiving praise and winning awards, as these videos show.

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Bella Wins People’s Choice Award

Bella Rated #1 Top Movie

They Found Each Other

A Love That Goes Beyond Romance

Uncertain Future

(SPANISH) Reality

(SPANISH) Alejandro Sanz

Bella’s 60 second radio spots.

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By Gregg Goldstein (August 30, 2007)

In its first acquisition since a recent partnership with Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions has acquired all U.S. rights to “Bella,” winner of the People’s Choice Award at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

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Roger Ebert
Warm, sweet and funny.
Roger Ebert,

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Director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde wrote the script for his award-winning feature film, Bella, while on sabbatical at Lake Tahoe. Pretty plush digs for a guy who, only a couple of years previously, was bunking in a mail room at the University of Texas.

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood handicappers always think they know who stands to win top honors at film festivals, but as we saw in Toronto earlier this month surprises are always possible.

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Eduardo Verastegui (Actor and Producer), Frank Gifford (NFL Legend and Sports Commentator) and Sean Wolfington (Financier and Producer) celebrate on the field at Super Bowl XLII

The Bella team went to the Super Bowl before and after making the film to promote the movie while enjoying one of the biggest events of the year.

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Yahoo, Fandango, Rotten Tomatoes all conquered… Bella, the movie, which already has reported the highest per screen performance, now is being ranked at the top of several movie ratings sites, including Yahoo, the No. 1 web portal.

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Bella is a success story; earning more than 6 million dollars at the box office, far exceeding its cost of 3 million.

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Philidelphia Daily News

‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” So begins “Bella,” the heartbreakingly beautiful independent film that opened last week to enthusiastic audiences across the country.

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Goya is a proud sponsor of Bella because the film is a timeless piece of art that celebrates the beauty of the Latino culture including life, family, food and friendship.

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