“Bella” Saves a Baby’s Life
Please view this powerful and life-changing story from Eduardo Verástegui (Actor and Producer).

“Bella” Movie Saves a Baby’s Life
Please view this powerful and life-changing story from Eduardo Verástegui (Actor and Producer).


It has been called “a film that will stay with you forever” and now it is headed to a store near you. “Bella,” the powerful Christian-led movie released last October, will make its first appearance in stores May 6.

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As Tinsel Town gears up for the next Academy Awards, are family, faith, and freedom friendly films being ignored?

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Kathy Lee Gifford (Television Host, Singer, Actress and Playwright) discusses the movie Bella on Entertainment Tonight.

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Tony Bennett, a ten time 10 Grammy winner, stood up in the audience at the New York Premier of Bella and praises the movie.

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Eduardo Verástegui, star and co-producer of the award-winning film “Bella”, delivered the keynote address at the Adoption Roundtable at the White House on National Adoption Day.

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“A little movie that could”, Bella wins awards, shatters records and exceeds many people’s expectations.

Bill Hybles shares his impressions of Bella before Sean Wolfington gave a talk at Willowcreek Leadership Conference.

Eduardo Verastegui explains Bella with Neil Cavuto of Fox News.

Bella is a movie with feeling, receiving praise and winning awards, as these videos show.

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Bella Wins People’s Choice Award

Bella Rated #1 Top Movie

They Found Each Other

A Love That Goes Beyond Romance

Uncertain Future

(SPANISH) Reality

(SPANISH) Alejandro Sanz

Bella is a success story; earning more than 6 million dollars at the box office, far exceeding its cost of 3 million.

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BELLA opens up with the wonderful narration, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”

Jose has just been signed to a big soccer contract. Filled with joy, he signs a frayed old soccer ball for some of the street kids on the block and then promises to get the ball signed by all their favorite stars. Jose is a good-looking, clean-cut, athletic young man at the top of his game.

The movie cuts to a bearded, down-hearted Jose cooking in his brother Manny’s restaurant. When Nina, the waitress, comes in too late, Manny fires her. Jose goes after her just to befriend her, not to romance her. He finds out she is pregnant and contemplating an abortion. He asks her if she’ll consider adoption. He even says that he’ll take the child.
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“Bella” Actor Delivers Keynote Address at White House on National Adoption Day

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